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Archive for March, 2011

Comments Off on Going Forward

Going Forward


Going Forward [goh-ing for-werd] – proceeding full speed ahead on project completion or on research and development; to go forward on a project may be the result of initiative, excitement, or stubbornness.

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Idea Shower


Idea Shower [ahy-dee-uh shou-her] – a brainstorming session with lots of rapid-fire ideas being shared. These may occur at the beginning of a project, during a design session or during a crisis.

Comments Off on The Pilot or the Plane

The Pilot or the Plane


The Pilot or the Plane [the pi-loht or the pleyn] – would you choose to save a pet project or person, or save the whole initiative. It’s better to sacrifice a little for the gain of the organization.

Comments Off on We’re in the Same Boat

We’re in the Same Boat


We’re in the Same Boat [weer in the seym boht] – we are together on this project. If I fail, you are sinking too! Better learn to swim.

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Reconvene [re-kuhn-veen] – to come together again, often to re-hash the same subject. Often passions about viewpoints dull in the meantime and people become more willing to give in and concede on key points. I.e. Since we cannot come to consensus, let’s reconvene at 7am tomorrow to discuss this more.

Comments Off on If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits


If the Shoe Fits [if the shoo fits] – if you are able to complete the job, do it. If you are a good person to blame, accept it.

Comments Off on Book It

Book It


Book It [book it] – 1) Hurry, rush, do it faster. 2) Schedule a meeting or appointment with appropriate resources (ink it in on your calendar, pencil it in on mine). 3) Reserve a conference room or resource.

Comments Off on Punt on this One

Punt on this One


Punt on this One [phunt on this wuhn] – to defer to someone else. This happens in particular when one is frustrated with a contentious point, when one is not technically knowledgeable about an area, or when one does not want to be pinpointed if failure is immanent. Often happens in conjunction with deferring to someone else. I.e. I’m going to punt on this (no-win) decision and defer to Bob.

Comments Off on Show Stopper

Show Stopper


Show Stopper [shoh stop-per] – a perhaps startling new discovery in a project that effectively kills the iniative. A shop stopper could be technical, budgetary, or motivational in nature. I.e. it was a show-stopper when we realized that it took 5 man-years to complete the project we had committed to completing in 3 months.

Comments Off on Retention



Retention [re-ten-shun] – methods used to entice employees to stay at a company. Retention techniques may include, bonuses, perks, increased benefits or increasing work-life balance to encourage the best employees to stay with the organization. In particular, retention strategies are tied to staying at a company (i.e. stock options that do not mature immediately, compensation for educational expenses that must be repaid if the employee leaves the company); aka golden handcuffs.