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Archive for April, 2013

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Spork – an unusual but flexible and creative individual or solution to a problem; usage: 1) “Well this idea is a bit of a spork, but it could work for both situtions!” 2) “He is a spork; he can switch teams and quickly come up to speed.”

Comments Off on Optimism Bias

Optimism Bias


Optimism Bias – a tendency to think the best of a potentially bad situation; useful in reporting to or by executives.

Comments Off on Unlocking Talent

Unlocking Talent


Unlocking Talent – to mentor and coach an individual or team so that they become more focused and driven to complete work for a company.

Comments Off on Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Keep Your Eyes Peeled


Keep Your Eyes Peeled – to watch a scenario or project carefully; to own and take responsibility for details that may be missed by others; alternately to watch for quick and often-missed updates about a topic of interest.

Comments Off on Strong Attention to Detail

Strong Attention to Detail


Strong Attention to Detail – a trait necessary for anyone in project management, or who deals with numbers on a regular basis; a phrase used too frequently on resumes without supporting stories ready for the interview.

Comments Off on Meets or Exceeds Expectations

Meets or Exceeds Expectations


Meets or Exceeds Expectations – completes a job on time and good enough; alternately completes a job on time, good enough, and under budget.

Comments Off on Strong Work Ethic

Strong Work Ethic


Strong Work Ethic – the ability to focus on work and drive a project to completion at any expense. See also: working the 5 to 9 schedule.

Comments Off on Team Player

Team Player


Team Player – The person who does the work for the team and offers credit to the team for doing the work.

Comments Off on Bottom-Line Orientation

Bottom-Line Orientation


Bottom-Line Orientation – a concern with project or product cost above all else; in creating a project there is a constant struggle to set the right point between price/resource applied, quality, and delivery time. Bottom-line orientation focuses first on price, then on time; aka recession design.

Comments Off on Test the Water

Test the Water


Test the Water Рto explore whether an idea will be accepted either by a group of customers or internally in a company;  alternately to cautiously and casually mention a way to improve to the individuals that need to improve.