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Archive for the ‘B’ Category

Comments Off on Optimism Bias

Optimism Bias


Optimism Bias – a tendency to think the best of a potentially bad situation; useful in reporting to or by executives.

Comments Off on Bottom-Line Orientation

Bottom-Line Orientation


Bottom-Line Orientation – a concern with project or product cost above all else; in creating a project there is a constant struggle to set the right point between price/resource applied, quality, and delivery time. Bottom-line orientation focuses first on price, then on time; aka recession design.

Comments Off on On a Go-Forward Basis

On a Go-Forward Basis


On a Go-Forward Basis – in the future.

Comments Off on Put to Bed

Put to Bed


Put to Bed [puht to bed] – to gently tuck away an idea or project; also, to silence an idea or project that is late, astray from corporate objectives, or inconvenient.

Comments Off on Send a Shot Across the Bough

Send a Shot Across the Bough


Send a Shot Across the Bough – to test an idea with another group. I.e. to ask a group that you do not normally communicate frequently with or do not have positive interactions with about a plan or to inform them of that idea.

Comments Off on We’re in the Same Boat

We’re in the Same Boat


We’re in the Same Boat [weer in the seym boht] – we are together on this project. If I fail, you are sinking too! Better learn to swim.

Comments Off on Book It

Book It


Book It [book it] – 1) Hurry, rush, do it faster. 2) Schedule a meeting or appointment with appropriate resources (ink it in on your calendar, pencil it in on mine). 3) Reserve a conference room or resource.

Comments Off on Touch Base

Touch Base


Touch Base [tuhch beys] – to contact someone to chat about work; usually occurs when the person you are touching base with a) is late on a project, b) makes you worry that they might be late on a project, or c) makes your manager worry that you and the person are both late on a project.

Comments Off on Let’s Touch Base

Let’s Touch Base


Let’s Touch Base [lets tuhch beys] – let’s get together to talk about an issue; usually involves the initiating party imparting bad news on the invited party.