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Comments Off on Bottom-Line Orientation

Bottom-Line Orientation


Bottom-Line Orientation – a concern with project or product cost above all else; in creating a project there is a constant struggle to set the right point between price/resource applied, quality, and delivery time. Bottom-line orientation focuses first on price, then on time; aka recession design.

Comments Off on Acceptable Level of Risk

Acceptable Level of Risk


Acceptable Level of Risk – 1) There is uncertainty in the quality or schedule, but one does not expect it to be noticed or impactful. 2) There is risk, but we do not care.

Comments Off on Light a Fire Under

Light a Fire Under


Light a Fire Under – to inspire an employee or direct report to work harder and faster.

Comments Off on Don’t Look at your Foot While You’re Taking the Stride

Don’t Look at your Foot While You’re Taking the Stride


Don’t Look at your Foot While You’re Taking the Stride [dohnt look at yohr fut wayhl yohr tey-king the strahyd] – to march forward on a project, focusing solely on the end goal, without paying attention to time-consuming details along the way. Be careful not to fall.

Comments Off on Let’s Take this Offline

Let’s Take this Offline


Let’s Take this Offline [lets tak this awf-lahyn] – let’s discuss at a later time; let’s not discuss our dirty laundry in front of the group.

Comments Off on Low-Hanging Fruit

Low-Hanging Fruit


Low-Hanging Fruit [loh hang-ing fruht] – the easiest target; an easy addition to an existing project; the simplest solution; a requirement that can be added to a project without perceived impact to the schedule.

Comments Off on A Lot Rides on This

A Lot Rides on This


A Lot Rides on This [a lot rahyds on this] – this is an important project or decision; my, your, or our reputation is at stake; I’ve already guaranteed that this will be successful to upper management.

Comments Off on Let’s Touch Base

Let’s Touch Base


Let’s Touch Base [lets tuhch beys] – let’s get together to talk about an issue; usually involves the initiating party imparting bad news on the invited party.

Comments Off on Living the Values

Living the Values


Living the Values [liv-ing thee val-yoos] – Adhering to corporate mission statements and the latest value system developed by your organization’s value statement committee.