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Comments Off on Optimism Bias

Optimism Bias


Optimism Bias – a tendency to think the best of a potentially bad situation; useful in reporting to or by executives.

Comments Off on Bottom-Line Orientation

Bottom-Line Orientation


Bottom-Line Orientation – a concern with project or product cost above all else; in creating a project there is a constant struggle to set the right point between price/resource applied, quality, and delivery time. Bottom-line orientation focuses first on price, then on time; aka recession design.

Comments Off on Punt on this One

Punt on this One


Punt on this One [phunt on this wuhn] – to defer to someone else. This happens in particular when one is frustrated with a contentious point, when one is not technically knowledgeable about an area, or when one does not want to be pinpointed if failure is immanent. Often happens in conjunction with deferring to someone else. I.e. I’m going to punt on this (no-win) decision and defer to Bob.

Comments Off on Flesh Out

Flesh Out


Flesh Out [flesh out] – to fill in details; to complete to the desired level of detail for others to understand your project. I.e. This schedule should be fleshed out more to include dates for each project dependency.

Comments Off on On My Radar

On My Radar


On My Radar [on mahy rey-dahr] – I am aware of this situation; I am knowledgeable enough about a situation to give a partial status report on demand.

Comments Off on Let’s Take this Offline

Let’s Take this Offline


Let’s Take this Offline [lets tak this awf-lahyn] – let’s discuss at a later time; let’s not discuss our dirty laundry in front of the group.

Comments Off on 110 Percent

110 Percent


110 Percent [wuhn huhn-dred ten per-sent] – to give it more than 100% effort; to produce better results with the same resources.