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Comments Off on Unlocking Talent

Unlocking Talent


Unlocking Talent – to mentor and coach an individual or team so that they become more focused and driven to complete work for a company.

Comments Off on Team Player

Team Player


Team Player – The person who does the work for the team and offers credit to the team for doing the work.

Comments Off on Test the Water

Test the Water


Test the Water Рto explore whether an idea will be accepted either by a group of customers or internally in a company;  alternately to cautiously and casually mention a way to improve to the individuals that need to improve.

Comments Off on Come Together

Come Together


Come Together – to meet physically (as in a meeting) or mentally (as in an agreement) by choice or coercion.

Comments Off on Take Around the Hockey Puck

Take Around the Hockey Puck


Take Around the Hockey Puck – To shop an idea by showing it to a variety of potential stakeholders. To ask many others for validation of the potential of a project or idea.

Comments Off on Unlocking Talent

Unlocking Talent


Unlocking Talent [uhn-lok-ing tal-uhnt] – to discover a talent, ability or level of productivity in one of your peers or employees that can benefit the company.

Comments Off on Punt on this One

Punt on this One


Punt on this One [phunt on this wuhn] – to defer to someone else. This happens in particular when one is frustrated with a contentious point, when one is not technically knowledgeable about an area, or when one does not want to be pinpointed if failure is immanent. Often happens in conjunction with deferring to someone else. I.e. I’m going to punt on this (no-win) decision and defer to Bob.

Comments Off on Touch Base

Touch Base


Touch Base [tuhch beys] – to contact someone to chat about work; usually occurs when the person you are touching base with a) is late on a project, b) makes you worry that they might be late on a project, or c) makes your manager worry that you and the person are both late on a project.

Comments Off on The Takeaway

The Takeaway


The Takeaway [the tek-uh-wey] – the lesson learned, often through a mistake of your own or of others; i.e. the takeaway for this project is to not plan such a large project within such a short timeframe in the future. The key here is to remember previous takeaways and learn from the past.

Comments Off on Don’t Look at your Foot While You’re Taking the Stride

Don’t Look at your Foot While You’re Taking the Stride


Don’t Look at your Foot While You’re Taking the Stride [dohnt look at yohr fut wayhl yohr tey-king the strahyd] – to march forward on a project, focusing solely on the end goal, without paying attention to time-consuming details along the way. Be careful not to fall.