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Comments Off on Strong Work Ethic

Strong Work Ethic


Strong Work Ethic – the ability to focus on work and drive a project to completion at any expense. See also: working the 5 to 9 schedule.

Comments Off on Test the Water

Test the Water


Test the Water Рto explore whether an idea will be accepted either by a group of customers or internally in a company;  alternately to cautiously and casually mention a way to improve to the individuals that need to improve.

Comments Off on We’re in the Same Boat

We’re in the Same Boat


We’re in the Same Boat [weer in the seym boht] – we are together on this project. If I fail, you are sinking too! Better learn to swim.

Comments Off on Watch and Wait Strategy

Watch and Wait Strategy


Watch and Wait Strategy [woch and waht strat-i-gee] – to postpone a decision, typically until another group has acted on a given set of facts or circumstances; often enacted when there is a lack of consensus on direction.

Comments Off on Reduction in Workforce

Reduction in Workforce


Reduction in Workforce [ri-duhk-shuhn in wurk-fohrs] – to reduce employee headcount; a layoff.