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Archive for the ‘Euphemisms’ Category

Comments Off on Test the Water

Test the Water


Test the Water Рto explore whether an idea will be accepted either by a group of customers or internally in a company;  alternately to cautiously and casually mention a way to improve to the individuals that need to improve.

Comments Off on Acceptable Level of Risk

Acceptable Level of Risk


Acceptable Level of Risk – 1) There is uncertainty in the quality or schedule, but one does not expect it to be noticed or impactful. 2) There is risk, but we do not care.

Comments Off on Politically Speaking

Politically Speaking


Politically Speaking – 1) to describe a person, project or situation in polite, politically correct terms; 2) to speak with the (often influential or powerful) audience in mind.

Comments Off on Put to Bed

Put to Bed


Put to Bed [puht to bed] – to gently tuck away an idea or project; also, to silence an idea or project that is late, astray from corporate objectives, or inconvenient.

Comments Off on We All Know the Definition of Insanity

We All Know the Definition of Insanity


We All Know the Definition of Insanity – you are repetitively trying to do the same thing an expecting a different result (insanity – to do the same thing an expect a different result).

Comments Off on Take Around the Hockey Puck

Take Around the Hockey Puck


Take Around the Hockey Puck – To shop an idea by showing it to a variety of potential stakeholders. To ask many others for validation of the potential of a project or idea.

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Reconvene [re-kuhn-veen] – to come together again, often to re-hash the same subject. Often passions about viewpoints dull in the meantime and people become more willing to give in and concede on key points. I.e. Since we cannot come to consensus, let’s reconvene at 7am tomorrow to discuss this more.

Comments Off on Punt on this One

Punt on this One


Punt on this One [phunt on this wuhn] – to defer to someone else. This happens in particular when one is frustrated with a contentious point, when one is not technically knowledgeable about an area, or when one does not want to be pinpointed if failure is immanent. Often happens in conjunction with deferring to someone else. I.e. I’m going to punt on this (no-win) decision and defer to Bob.

Comments Off on Efficiency Savings

Efficiency Savings


Efficiency Savings [e-fish-uhn-see say-vings] – budgetary savings due to cuts in employee perks, conveniences, or energy costs. I.e. The dimmer hallway lights and reduced benefits program expenses have led to increased efficiency savings.

Comments Off on Job Seeker

Job Seeker


Job Seeker [job see-ker] – someone in search of a position at your company; an interview candidate; an unemployeed or underemployeed individual or someone in search of a more beneficial position. I.e. there has been an increase in jobseekers during the recession.